About me

My name is Alžbeta Kazičková and I attend high school in the capital city of Slovakia, in Bratislava.

I utilize my interest in graphic design and 3D visualizations in many different tasks and projects for companies, organisations, musicians, artists and individual personal use.

I also create hand-made product such as jewelery, wood-burnt pictures and paintings which are also on sale.
Customers can purchase finished products found in my shop or order an individual one designed specifically on their demands.
I am also hugely interested in creating an board game, which is proceeding quite fast and is going to be released soon…


All these thing I pursue, I do with passion and love.
Therefore I really care for the quality and the final result. Before a thing is put into the world and given to somebody,
I must be fully satisfied with the final work as well as the receiver.

Satisfaction must be on the both sides.